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Building a happy workplace with percussion instruments.

According to new research conducted in the United States, sessions with percussion instruments can help companies to protect their employees from stress and also to reduce staff-turnover.

For instance, employees of the hospital in Pennsylvania, who participated in weekly sessions with percussion instruments for 6 weeks, improved their mood by almost 50 percent. Dr. Barry Bitman, who is the author of the study, reported decreasing sense of fatigue and depression. He added that the positive effects resulting from sessions with percussion instruments last for about a year. According to Dr. Bitman, within a year the number of employees that quit their jobs at the United Methodical Society, decreased by 49 – this way the company saved approximately 400 000 USD for training new employees.

Based on his research Dr Bitman believes that sessions with percussion instruments have to be introduced in all other industries.

Health - Reuters

Sessions with percussion instruments protect employees from an emotional collapse 
By Alison MakKuk

Participation in sessions with percussion instruments helps workers to overcome stress and protect them from mental fall down, which is the most common reason for quitting a certain job. Margaret Bailey from the Centre for strengthening the body and mind, who supports the organisation of the most of the sessions with percussion instruments, believes that they create a connection between the people and the spirit within the group.

Source: “The Guidelines in medicine for the body and mind” 2003.

"Why we use drums to build teams" (team building)

Playing drums is a form of communication, which is used for centuries by human beings during their holiday or battle preparation. This is the oldest known form of building a team (team building). 
Drums’ beats connect and promote cooperation in a team. 
Establish common goals.

Playing is an unforgettable activity for the whole team. 
It provides immediate results and contestants need neither a talent nor a physical ability to participate. The new practical skills are applied in a safe environment.

Ongoing method for creating a community 
Provokes group’s imagination and creativity. 
Breaks the rational and analytical way of thinking and generates new and fresh ideas. 
Stimulates people to accept challenges and to communicate with the other team members.

Relieve stress 
There are scientific evidences proving the fact that drumbeat changes brain waves and promptly relieves stress. 
Participants quickly reach a condition of severe internal focus and clarity. 
By "releasing the pressure" participants feel balanced, relaxed and full of energy.

Sessions with percussion instruments provide а lot of knowledge, and the analogy between the band and the team creates deep impression into the mind of participants. 
Cooperation, hearing and devoting are the features that you can learn. 
The fusion between the individual and the group is the essence of the teamwork. 
A Piece and a company are made up of many different components that must work in harmony together.